Weapons Transfer

Alireza Rezvani, aka Yasser or Reza Rezavi, is a key Qods Force operative in Syria. 

By virtue of his function, he is in contact with various people involved in the transfer of weapons from Iran. Rezvani served in the past in Qods Force's Department 190. ...READ MORE

At the heart of weapon transfers from Iran to Syria: Sheikh Haydar Ibrahim al-Gharawi, general secretary of the Iraqi Ansar Allah al-Awfiya militia.

In recent years, Iran has been transferring strategic weapons overland from Iran to Syria via Iraq. ...READ MORE

 Pilots in Service of Quds Force #3

Mojtaba Abdallah Zadeh

 Senior cargo plane pilot (Ilyushin 76) for IRGC Air Force. He has flown hundreds of cargo flights from Iran to Syria in the past few years, including weapons transfers.

 DOB: 26 July 1980 ...READ MORE

Pilots in Service of Quds Force #2

Hassan Sandough Sazzardini, Ali Nouri, Yousef Noroozi Senior cargo pilots in the IRGC Air Force....READ MORE

Pilots in Service of Quds Force

As part of Iran's continued entrenchment in the region, it is arming the Shiite militias that are under its patronage in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, as well as Palestinian organizations in the Gaza Strip. The weapons are transferred by air, by sea, and by land. Most of the weapons that are sent to....READ MORE

Exposure - Unit 840-The Quds Force terror attack unit

During the past three years, Quds Force has been handling a covert operational unit, which has been responsible, among other things, for planning and mounting terror activity outside Iran against Western targets and Iranian oppositionists. Unit 840 is defined as a particularly secret and clandestine unit....READ MORE

Unit 190-Weapons Transfer Unit

One of Quds Force’s main activities is transferring and smuggling weapons to organizations, ethnic groups, and countries in accordance with Iran’s interests. The Quds Forces unit performing this activity is unit 190, which is considered one of the Quds Force special units, and it specializes in smuggling weapons....READ MORE