Exposure of Quds Force terror network—Iranian citizens pursuing attacks in various countries around the world

Several months of monitoring, with the cooperation of security services around the world, have led to the exposure of a Quds Force terror network that is pursuing attacks and assassinations against Western and Israeli targets around the world....READ MORE

Exposure - Activity of Unit 840 people in Iraq

Mohammad Ali Minaei, aka Mohammadi, 66, is the head of Qods Force's Unit 840 station in Iraq. In addition to working for Unit 840, Minaei also works for Unit 400 and is Hamed Abdollahi's right-hand man in Iraq...READ MORE

Abu Jihad, head of the joint terrorist operations unit of Hezbollah and the Quds Force, secretly arrived in Iran

Ali Wahib Yassin, aka Abu Jihad/Haj Ibrahim, recently arrived in Iran. Yassin heads the special operations unit of the joint Hezbollah and Quds Force Falastin branch, and is also responsible for ties with the Palestinian organizations...READ MORE

Unit 840 facilitator in Turkey — Avat Hosseini Far

Avat Hosseini Far, an Iranian citizen, is pursuing various projects for Qods Force’s Unit 840. In this capacity, he is in contact with several criminal elements in Iran and abroad, including in Turkey...READ MORE

Department 84010: Further disclosures

As already revealed, Department 84010 is in charge of Quds Force terror in Europe and the U.S. It is headed by Reza Amiri...READ MORE

Huseyin Hafez Amini - A key Iranian terror operative in Turkey

Following the exposure of a Quds Force terror cell in Albania, an Iranian terror network in Turkey has recently been uncovered. Huseyin Hafez Amini, who has dual citizenship from Iran and Turkey, and lives in Istanbul, is known to be a wealthy businessman who apart from other things, serves as CEO of the Turkish airline Rey Airlines. It seems that behind the scenes, Amini is leading a double life...READ MORE

Son of SLO Chief involved in terror activity

Son of Supreme Leader's Office (SLO) Chief involved in terror activity. Quds Force Unit 840 is continuously pursuing operational efforts to establish terror networks worldwide. One of the interesting arenas in which the unit has been active lately is Venezuela, apparently due to its particular proximity to the U.S., the close ties between the local government and Iran and the chaotic situation in Venezuela that provides a fertile ground for terror activity. On 24 October, two senior operatives...READ MORE

Exposure - Unit 840

The Quds Force terror attack unit. During the past three years, Quds Force has been handling a covert operational unit, which has been responsible, among other things, for planning and...READ MORE

Quds Force - Foreign cells

Over the past few years, Iran's Quds Force has been setting up infrastructures abroad and cells worldwide that include Sunni assets.

The establishment of these capabilities and cells includes: recruiting foreign assets, training, handling the assets under business or religious cover over an extended time period, conducting missions in arenas to which the cells have access...READ MORE