Department 84010: Further disclosures

As already revealed, Department 84010 is in charge of Quds Force terror in Europe and the U.S. It is headed by Reza Amiri.

Following are some of Department 84010’s operatives:

• Seyed Mohammad Hassan Hejazi: responsible for operations in Latin America. Son of Ali-Asghar Hejazi, acting chief of the Supreme Leader's Office and, as such, a highly respected Quds Force member. Hejazi has already received exposure on our website while operating in Turkey.

• Morteza Farmarazi: a veteran operative and a member of Hejazi’s operation in Turkey. Used a false passport in the name of Saber Ramadani.

• Mohammad Ebrahimi Varnosfaderani: in charge of training.

• Mahmoud Iqbal: a Pakistani operative confined to a wheelchair, living in Iran.

• Ali Salehi: a veteran Quds Force operative, formerly active in Germany with several contacts in Turkey.

Mohammad Ebrahimi Varnosfaderani

Ali Salehi

Mahmoud Iqbal