Exposure - Activity of Unit 840 people in Iraq

Mohammad Ali Minaei, aka Mohammadi, 66, is the head of Qods Force's Unit 840 station in Iraq. In addition to working for Unit 840, Minaei also works for Unit 400 and is Hamed Abdollahi's right-hand man in Iraq.

Until early 2020, Minaei worked in Iraq with a Unit 840 operative called Seyed Hedayat Hosseini Fard. After living in Iran for several months, Hosseini Fard moved to Unit 840's station in Syria in late 2020, where he now lives with his wife and three children.

Until April 2021, Minaei was living with his wife and four children in an apartment in the Kadhimiya neighborhood in northern Baghdad. When the coronavirus broke out and many roads in the capital were blocked, he moved to the Babil neighborhood, because it is close to the Unit 840 station building in the al-Hakim quarter, which is an area controlled by the Shiite militias and Qods Force.

Mohammad Ali Minaei

Seyed Hedayat Hosseini Fard

A: Old apartment in the Kadhimiya neighborhood

B: Station location

C: New apartment in the Babil neighborhood