Exposure - Unit 840

Exposure - Unit 840-The Quds Force terror attack unit

During the past three years, Quds Force has been handling a covert operational unit, which has been responsible, among other things, for planning and mounting terror activity outside Iran against Western targets and Iranian oppositionists. Unit 840 is defined as a particularly secret and clandestine unit.

The unit is currently headed by Yazdan Mir, aka Sardar Bagheri.

It comprises various departments, of which the key ones are operational departments divided into the following geographical responsibility regions: the Middle East and Africa, Caucasus and Asia, Europe and the U.S., and an operational department specializing in activity against oppositionists. Additionally, there are other HQ departments.

Over the past few years, a number of the unit's activities have been exposed and disrupted, including use of a network of Pakistanis in Europe, many of whose members were questioned and some of whom were convicted; handling Iranian citizens in the U.S.; handling Azeri citizens for carrying out operational activity; etc