Head of Iran's Drone Program in Iraq

As part of the exposure of the Qods Corps' involvement in the activities of the Iraqi militias supported by Iran, it is recognized that the UAV received from Iran and operated by the militias are used for various attacks in the Middle East, with the weapons often assembled at bases in Iraq.

This publication focuses on the identity and details of the person behind the arming activities of these militias in Iraq, by manufacturing and operating UAVs for them.

He is a senior Iranian Quds Corps operative, known as Mohammad Sattari (محمد ستاری). 

Sattari potential importance derives from the regime's importance in the use of drones by the militias in Iraq and Syria.

The essence of Sattari role includes coordination with the Iraqi militias on the issue of drones, and in particular he is responsible for coordinating the supply, armament and training of the militias for the attacks they carry out.

As such, his role is characterized by close work with those pro-Iranian Iraqi militias, such as Asaeb Ahl al-Haq, the Hezbollah Brigades, and the Badr organization.

In addition, his job requires travel, such as those he has made several times in the past to Iraq (for example, last April) and possibly to Syria as well.

His personal details include the following:

Real Name: Muhammad Jawad Lutfi.

Date of birth: 07/09/1986

Place of birth: Aligodraz Region, Loristan Province.

Passport: 51007148E

Phone number: 989125156525

Professional affiliation: Unit 402, subordinate to the Qods Corps.

An example of his photos:

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