Huseyin Hafez Amini - A key Iranian terror operative in Turkey

Following the exposure of a Quds Force terror cell in Albania, an Iranian terror network in Turkey has recently been uncovered.

Huseyin Hafez Amini, who has both Iranian and Turkish citizenships and resides in Istanbul, is known to be a wealthy businessman who among other things is the CEO of the Turkish based airline Rey - Airlines. It seems that behind the scenes Amini is leading a double life and is a key operative in and head of one of Iran's terror networks in Turkey, that carries out various operational activities. Amini exploits his connections and personal ties with leaders of the international aviation sector to carry out his tasks. It has been previously reported that Rey Airlines is a company that assists Quds Force in covertly procuring planes in order to bypass the sanctions imposed on Iran.

As a result of Amini's reckless conduct in the past few months, his ties with his Iranian handlers have been exposed, among others "seyyed" and "Peyman" (possibly a Unit 840 operative who was exposed by this website). Two assets, Hossein and Hassan, belonging to the network headed by Amini, were also exposed. The tasks assigned to the network include kidnapping and assassination of Iranian regime dissidents from Turkey and other countries, including Habibollah Sarbazi, an Iranian dissident of Balochi origin who is currently living in Turkey.

Other Quds Force facilitators in Turkey have been recruited to help assassinate Sarbazi, including Abdolkhalegh Malek Zadeh, another Unit 840 asset who was recently exposed in connection with attack plans against Iranian dissidents in Albania.

The method by which Amini is handled sheds light on one of Iran's key MO's, which includes recruiting local facilitators who usually hold legit key civilian positions to promote terror activities outside Iran. Amini's position as the CEO of private airline is very valuable and can help Quds Force transport weapons, hostages or cash meant for attacks in various countries, through border crossings and airports.