IRGC's UNIT 400 is recruiting suicide terrorists in Afghanistan for the purpose of mounting attacks around the world

1. Further to previous reports we have published on the site regarding the activity of IRGC Quds Force’s Department 400, following is new information on the efforts and MOs of the department, which is working tirelessly to mount terror attacks and sow death and destruction around the world.

 2. Numerous recent reports from Afghanistan indicate efforts by official Iranian representatives, including members of IRGC Quds Force Unit 400, to handle and send Afghan terrorists around the world to mount terror attacks.

 3. As part of the exposure of this MO, some of the Iranian elements behind these efforts have also been exposed:

a. Ali Reza Tajik—an Iranian-Afghan citizen, born in 1991, NID: 2082218228, works for Quds Force’s Department 400. Tajik was involved in the attack attempt in Georgia in November 2022 that was disrupted, and has been under international surveillance since then.  

b. Housein Rahmani—born in 1979, NID: 4170140771, a Quds Force Department 400 operative. Rahmani is actively involved in the recruitment of the Afghans.  

4. In the wake of lengthy monitoring, it has emerged now that Tajik and Rahmani are working on this matter under the orchestration of none other than senior Department 400 official Hossein Rahban—DOB: 23 August 1977, NID: 2248871511—who was exposed in the past as the individual in charge of the team that tried to carry out the terror attack in Georgia, and who has been under surveillance ever since.

 Hossein Rahban

Housein Rahmani

Ali Reza Tajik