Following is an example of information received in the past and checked by us, regarding the following people, who are defined as wanted due to their occupation and organizational affiliation.

These individuals have carried out terror activity in the past, and continue to promote terror as a method, and attacks against regime dissidents.

Name: Yazdan Mir / Sardar Bagheri

National number: 4170322381

Date of birth: June 25th 1963


Name: Mohammad Ebrahimi Varnosfaderani

National number: 0052480992

Date of birth: June 22th  1964


Name: Hamid Zara'i / Zara'ati

National number: 0453509983

Date of birth: May 20th 1987


Name: Hassan Boroumand

National number: 0036549568

Date of birth: November 15th 1964


Name: Abdolsaheb Jamshidi / Habib Jamshidi  

National number: 2162568128

Date of birth: July 30th 1987


Name: Muhammad Abbasi

National number: 5679961571

Date of birth: May 18th 1987


Name: Seyed Mohammad Hassan Hejazi

National number: 0080162495

Date of birth: February 24th 1987


Name: Morteza Faramarzi  / Saber Ramzani

National number: 0493433767

Date of birth: January 20th 1988


Name: Amrallah Azizi / Azizallah Jamali

National number: 1218868074

Date of birth: August 27th 1964


Name: Mojtaba Haq-Lasan

National number: 0046535292

Date of birth: July 19th 1962


Name: Abbas Naki-Pour

National number: 2900642272

Date of birth: October 2nd 1977


Name: Muhammad Mehdi Abbasi

National number: 3251170716

Date of birth: March 16th 1979


Name: Mohammad Reza Fatehian

National number: 4969899185

Date of birth: March 29th 1987


In order to provide us with information regarding the aforementioned persons or other matters - we remind you the ways in which you can safely contact us:

    • Through the contact page on our website

    • Directly by through the "X" account

We would like to clarify that the information provided to us routinely undergoes checks and cross-checks in order to check its reliability, and therefore not all the information provided will be published eventually.