Khaled Al-Rubaye

Khaled Al-Rubaye, a Quds Force asset of Iraqi descent, was sentenced to 15 years in prison by Jordan's State Security Court in June 2016.

Al-Rubaye was found guilty of possessing and transporting 44 kilograms of highly explosive materials, with the intent of plotting and carrying out terrorist acts.

After his arrest in early April 2015, Al-Rubaye led his investigators to a secret hideout in a forest near Jerash, Jordan, where the explosives were found.

Over a period of many years, Al-Rubaye worked for various units of Iranian intelligence and IRGC, including its elite Quds Force.

The use of non-Iranian nationals is a recognized operational pattern of Quds Force, in an attempt to eliminate any Iranian fingerprint on its acts of terror.

Quds Force often seeks to recruit Middle Eastern and Asian nationals holding Western passports (such as Al-Rubaye, who holds Iraqi and Norwegian passports), since dual passports present significant operational advantages, specifically regarding the ease of international travel.

Jordan continues to enforce all necessary measures, in order to ensure the safety of both its citizens an visitors