Reza Saraj, head of the Special Operations Authority of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Service at the time, was behind the failed terrorist attempt in Cyprus in September 2021

The special Operations Division of the IRGC intelligence Organization (Division 4000), headed at the time by Reza Saraj, was behind the failed terror attack attempt in Cyprus in September 2021.

As part of the disruption of the attack in 2021, Orkhan Asadov, a 38 years old Shi'ite criminal of Azeri - Russian origin, and Abbas Mozafar were arrested in Nicosia. They had been sent to assassinate Israeli businessmen operating in Cyprus. The two men have ties with Shi'ite militias that Iran has been handling abroad via Quds Force, particularly in Syria, over the past few years.

Asadov himself was arrested in possession of a loaded pistol with a silencer, shortly before he would have carried out his task. The two men also ran a network of about seven additional person, including Pakistanis whom Mozafar knew from his job as a messenger, and some of whom he had met at the local mosque.

Publishing here for the first time, following are additional details on Reza Saraj and the undermining of his status folllowing the failed attack: 

- In early 2022, after the arrests in Cyprus, Reza Saraj was replaced by Javad Ghafari, who was appointed the new commander of Division 4000, and renounced the activities led by his predecessor, Reza Saraj

- Reza Saraj himself was transferred to command the foreign intelligence Organization (Division 800), which is responsible for intelligence ties parallel entities abroad.

- His ineffective conduct and the appointments he made since he took up the position of head of Division 800 have undermined the division's functioning.

- Personal details about Saraj: