Majid Alavi

Majid Alavi is a senior official in the Quds Force's Unit 400 for Special Operations.

Previously, he served in senior positions in the MOIS and among his responsibilities were countries in the Arab world. On 26 July 2009, Majid Alavi was appointed as deputy intelligence minister, a post he held until shortly before he joined the Quds Force.

Alavi joined Unit 400 in 2011, and has been contributing with his experience to advance operational activity and attacks abroad, mainly in distant countries with which he is familiar from his operational past.

Alavi uses a diplomatic passport and has visited various countries in East Asia and the Middle East.

In his position in Unit 400, he is responsible for two main spheres of activity:

  1. Preparation of independent terror attacks abroad, especially in countries far away from Iran.

  2. Cooperation and coordination with overseas terror organizations.

Among the terror activities Alavi has commanded were an attack in India and attempted attacks in Georgia and Thailand in February 2012.