Seyed Ali Mahdian Sadr

55 years old, from Tehran

Passports: J14922614, M22178214

A senior official in Quds Force's operational array. He was an MOIS staffer in the past. He was involved in the New Delhi attack in February 2012. In this attack, Mahdian Sadr handled journalist Ahmad Kazemi, who collected operational intelligence for the attack and assisted in the logistic preparations for it. As part of the preparations for the attack, Mahdian Sadr visited India in late May 2011, met with Kazemi, and gave him operational directives. He was involved in additional operational activity carried out by Quds Force, including in Europe, and for this purpose he visited Russia and Germany in 2011 and Bosnia in early 2012.

As part of his activity, Mahdian Sadr used a cover company called Saman Afarinan Rahgosha, of which he was director and a member or the board of directors together with his son, Abolfazel Mahdian Sadr.

Given his involvement in the attack in India, Interpol issued a warrant for his arrest.

However, despite this warrant, he continues to assist Quds Force and work with Mohammad Reza Abolghasemi, who commanded the attack in India in 2012