Quds Force is exposed in Africa

Further to our previous report and the media articles.

Following is additional information on the Quds Force terror network in Africa and Iran's plan to pursue a coup in Sudan.

It is now emerging that Saraya Zahraa, which was exposed here in the past, is only the tip of the iceberg regarding Quds Force activity in Africa.

Mohamad Javad Rahimi, aka Zakeri, is responsible for all the activity on the continent. He is a veteran Quds Force intelligence officer in charge of Africa.

Under the command of Unit 400, headed by Hamed Abdulahi, a terror infrastructure was set up in Africa with the goal of bringing about coups in several African countries. This was being managed by Ali Parhoon, aka Shahabi, a senior Unit 400 official who was in direct contact with the assets.

Quds Force has been in contact with senior militia officials in Africa, and has held covert meetings with them in Syria, Lebanon, and Iran. In exchange for money and weapons, these officials were tasked with pursuing Iran's interests in Africa, and particularly with advancing a coup in Sudan.

Two other people operating in Africa covertly for Quds Force:

Jibril IbrahimHead of the JEM militia in Sudan
Suliman Mini Arko MinawiHead of the SLM-MM militia in Sudan

Ismail Djida, who headed the Saraya Zahraa infrastructure set up by Quds Force in Africa, also said that he helped Quds Force pursue the ties and meetings with these people

Ali Parhoon
Hamed Abdullahi.
Mohammad Javad Rahimi