Unit 340 development projects

Unit 340 develops rocket projects for its proxy organizations, mainly PIJ and Hezbollah. The topics emphasized in developing rocket projects are: Improving accuracy, extending range, and increasing destructive capabilities.

The projects were discovered The Quds Force proxies, including PIJ, travel to Iran for training, and return home with technological knowledge of the projects and equipment.

Improved precision rockets

These rockets have a range of about 85 km, a 50 kg warhead, 225 mm in diameter. Once their accuracy has been improved, their probable circular error (CEP) is only a few meters.

The work is carried out mainly in Iran, Lebanon, and the Gaza Strip.

The people in charge of the project inside the Gaza Strip are Moin Abu Fannouna, who became disabled in an AP charge explosion, and his cousin, Makeen Abu Fannoua.

Despite the significant Iranian assistance, the project has encountered many difficulties, and has not been implemented in the Gaza Strip.

Ashtar rockets

Also known as Burkan, they are located in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and the Gaza Strip.

A short-range rocket (over 10 km) with a 500 kg warhead.

The warhead size, range, and short flight time until impact makes defending against it difficult.

Jihad rockets

17 inch diameter, with a maximum range of less than 20 km and a 400 kg warhead.

Imad rockets

A series of rockets with many configurations, with ranges of 45–100 km and warheads weighing tens of kilograms.

Some of the tests are carried out at a test site near the Falagh Complex on the outskirts of Tehran, Lat 35.54193N Long 50.83543E.