Exclusive: Unit 840 station operations in Syria

The Quds Force Special Operations Unit, 840, runs a vanguard station in Syria. The station, which has been operating since early 2019, serves as an outpost from which Iran perpetrates terror against Israel, taking advantage of its shared border with Syria.

The station has already engaged locals to collect intelligence and perpetrate terror activity, albeit unsuccessfully. Among other things, the station was responsible for planting the bombs that were discovered on the border with Israel in August and November. All the station's activity is authorized by Javad Ghafari, who is in charge of Iran’s operations in Syria. Since the station’s establishment, it has been visited by many Quds Force operatives, including Unit 840 Commander Sardar Bagheri.

The station is located in Damsacus at Lat 33.50144N, Long 36.27884E, in what appears to be an innocuous residential building, and also has a branch operating out of the Syrian General Security base in Najha, in coordination with the Syrian regime.

In October 2020, unknown people broke into the Unit 840 station premises in Damascus, appearing to overcome the security measures with relative ease. During the break-in, dozens of classified documents regarding the station’s activity were stolen, including details on targets and operations.

The people working at the station include Mojtaba Hashemi and Mohsen Mohammadi, veteran Unit 840 operatives who travel frequently between Iran and Syria.