Son of SLO Chief involved in terror activity

Quds Force Unit 840 is continuously pursuing operational efforts to establish terror networks worldwide. One of the interesting arenas in which the unit has been active lately is Venezuela, apparently due to its particular proximity to the U.S., the close ties between the local government and Iran and the chaotic situation in Venezuela that provides a fertile ground for terror activity.

On 24 October, two senior operatives from Unit 840 traveled to Venezuela on an operational mission. One of the operatives is well known — Seyed Mohammad Hassan Hejazi. In addition to being the senior Unit 840 operative responsible for activities in Latin America, he is also the son of Ali-Asghar Hejazi, chief of the Supreme Leader's Office (SLO). As such, he enjoys special and preferential treatment within Quds Force. Hejazi traveled with forged Iranian documentation, under the name Asghar Fateminiya, along with another Quds Force operative called Saber Ramezani, who previously carried out an operational assignment in Venezuela during 15 July–23 September 2019. The two men are still in Venezuela and are being monitored.

En route to Venezuela, the operatives acted in an embarrassingly amateur manner. While waiting at the airport in Istanbul for their connecting flight to Caracas (flight number TK223), the two were observed in a deep slumber on the benches of the terminal. As they were sound asleep, they did not hear that their fake names, which apparently they had not internalized, were repeatedly called over the PA system. The outcome: they did not get to the gate on time and missed the flight. They wound up waiting for the next flight, which took off 24 hours later (number TK183). Nonetheless, when they finally arrived in Caracas, an Iranian official met them at the arrivals hall.

Hejazi Junior displayed negligence and acted like an amateur during a previous operational trip to Nepal in 2015 as well, resulting in the exposure of his assignment. Hejazi does not enjoy respect in Unit 840, partly due to his abuse of his family connections.

His personal involvement in the covert planning and establishing covert networks for terror activity worldwide is proof of the aggressive, unrestrained policy being led by the Iranian regime with the approval and encouragement of the leadership