Regional Influence

New Details about the terror infrastructure in Congo that was exposed in VS-QUDS

VS-Quds recently reported that in the past few months, the activity of a terror infrastructure in Congo that was handled by Quds Force Unit 840 Read more...

A Quds Force Department 840's terror network in Congo has been disrupted

The network includes operational teams in Congo and several Pakistanis living in Iran who were involved in planning the activity and handling other network members. Read more...

Iranian direction, Iraqi operatives, and Hezbollah training — Abu Mustafa's terror cell exposed 

Each year, training courses for PIJ operatives are offered at the Shahid Shaabani base. Hundreds of operatives are trained in guerrilla warfare, using arms, preparing explosives, and more.  Read more...

Iranian direction, Iraqi operatives, and Hezbollah training — Abu Mustafa's terror cell exposed 

· Iran’s political and military involvement in Iraq is growing. Among other things, Qods Force, as an Iranian political force, is strengthening its hold in the country via the Iraqi militias, including the Asa'eb Ahel al-Haq militia. · Abu Mustafa’s terror cell, which is affiliated with Asa'eb Ahel al-Haq has now been exposed, following the arrest of its operatives in Africa.· The cell was established to pursue terror activity against Israeli interests in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and the Persian Gulf States. Read more...

Unit 340 assists the various industries in Iran in developing various aerial platforms, such as UAVs and drones, for Iran's proxy elements.

The platforms being developed include:

"Tlash" and "talash-system": A suicide UAV that can carry about 2 kg of explosives. It has a very high degree of precision, uses special Iranian software called Kian-Waypoint, and reaches an altitude of 300 meters and a range of 120 km. Read more...

Unit 340 development projects

Unit 340 develops rocket projects for its proxy organizations, mainly PIJ and Hezbollah. The topics emphasized in developing rocket projects are: Improving accuracy, extending range, and increasing destructive capabilities.  Read more...

Exclusive: Unit 840 station operations in Syria

The Quds Force Special Operations Unit, 840, runs a vanguard station in Syria. The station, which has been operating since early 2019, serves as an outpost from which Iran perpetrates terror against Read more...

Quds Force delegation to Venezuela: Exclusive report

On September 13th 2020, a delegation of senior Iranian officials arrived in the capital of Venezuela. The delegation members included Hassan Kazemi Ghomi, who works for Quds Force; and businessmen who are also Quds Force facilitators—Hamid Arab-Nejad, CEO of the Iranian airline Mahan Air, and Parviz Bahrami Rad, CEO of Chilco Company. Read more...

More 340 disclosures

Project 2 – critical raw material production infrastructure for rockets and missiles. Unit 340 is engaged in disseminating knowledge to proxy organizations. The knowledge relates to the production of raw materials for improving rocket range and efficiency. Aluminum powder and ammonium perchlorate (AP), used in the manufacture of solid rocket propellant, are among the raw materials. Read more...

Exclusive: Quds Force’s Technical Department and the way it works

Quds Force's Technical Department (Unit 340) is responsible for R&D. As part of its function, it provides know-how and equipment to Iran's proxies, including Hezbollah, PIJ, the Iraqi militias, and the Houthis in Yemen...READ MORE

QUDS Force activity in Turkey: Part II

Further to our previous report regarding extensive Iranian activity in Turkey, this report focuses on a large network of Turkish Qod Force assets.

The leader of this network is an Iranian named Hassan Sha'bani Galvani, a cleric who speaks Turkish and Azeri, and a former cultural attache at the Iranian embassy in Turkey...READ MORE

Quds Frce Terror Cell in Albania Exposed

A terror cell of Quds Force operatives in Albania was recently exposed in a press conference there. Among other things, this cell led the attack attempt against the Mujahidin Khalq (MEK) conference in Albania, which was foiled in March 2018...READ MORE

Quds Force is exposed in Africa

Further to our previous report and the media articles. 

Following is additional information on the Quds Force terror network in Africa and Iran's plan to pursue a coup in Sudan.

It is now emerging that Saraya Zahraa, which was exposed here in the past, is only the tip of the iceberg regarding Quds Force activity in Africa...READ MORE

Quds Force network in Europe

Exposure: Qods Force operated a network in Europe against Jewish and Israeli targets.

The network is headed by Muhammad Negravi (Abu Amir), a Quds Force officer stationed in Syria.

Negravi recruited Ali Kaddoura, a broker of Syrian origin who handled dozens of sources, most of them European.

The network's activity has been monitored from its initial stages. Among other things, it was observed collecting operational inteliigence on an Israeli embassy in Europe.

This is another example of Quds Force using proxies for activity in various countries...READ MORE

Quds Force in Africa: exposed

1. Name of the unit: Saraya Zahraa (Zahraa squads).

2. Commanders:

a. Ismail Mohamad Djida, acting commander.

b. Michel Djotodia, the leader of the African Seleka militia....READ MORE

Iran strengthens hold in Yemen

Quds Force is continuing to strengthen Iran's hold over Yemen as an active combat zone for fighting its enemies, and as a vanguard and strategic logistics hub, in the spirit of the Iranian concept of regional takeover and control.Similarly to the model of Hezbollah in Lebanon and using Hezbollah's help, Quds Force is grooming the Houthi Shiite militia in Yemen as its proxy against Saudi Arabia and Saudi allies in the UAE states....READ MORE