Senior Officials

Reza Saraj, head of the Special Operations Authority of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Service at the time, was behind the failed terrorist attempt in Cyprus in September 2021


Reza Saraj, head of the Special Operations Authority of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Service at the time, was behind the failed terrorist attempt in Cyprus in September 2021


Hossein Rahban, a veteran senior operative in Qods Force's Department 400, is subordinate to the department's commander Hamed Abdollahi.

Rahban was recently exposed as having handled a terror network on behalf of Qods Force, headed by two Iranian citizens living in Iran, Ali Feyzipour and Mohammad Reza Arabloo....READ MORE

The failed appointment of Javad Ghafari as head of the Special Operations Division (4000) in IRGC-IO

The failed appointment of Javad Ghafari as head of the IRGC-IO's Special Operations Division (4000) is another addition to the mess that already existed in the organization...READ MORE

Seyed Salman Sadeghi Azizalo

Responsible for Terror activity as an operative in IRGC-IO Department 1500. He is pursuing Terror attacks in Eurasia....READ MORE

Hasan Kasemi

A Quds Force operative stationed in Syria, is involved in a joint project of Qods Force and Hezbollah's ESO...READ MORE

Majid Aliee

SSM expert at IRGC ASF. He is a new participant in the weapon projects in Lebanon for Quds Force...READ MORE

Majid Navab

Majid Navab, born in 1965, is a senior IRGC Air-Force official and an SSM expert.He is a senior consultant for Quds Force, advising them on weapons precision upgrade projects in Lebanon.As part of his function, he travels to Lebanon regularly, staying in Beirut, the Beqaa, and Southern Lebanon, where he visits weapons sites and meets with Hezbollah and Quds Force operatives...READ MORE


1. Function: Responsible for recruiting and handling agents to carry out terror activity worldwide.

2. Lives in Iran, but meets with his agents in various countries including Iraq and Turkey...READ MORE


Bahram Azarivand is a Quds Force representative in Ruussia. In the past he was a Quds Force representative in Azerbaijian...READ MORE

Akbar Vatan Khahestiyar

A former Quds Force representative in Azerbaijain...READ MORE

Mohammad Ali Yari

Mohammad Ali Yari. A Quds Force representative in Azerbaijan...READ MORE

Mahdi Souri

Age: 35. A Quds Force Operative...READ MORE

Vahid Ghadiri Mofrad

Vahid Ghadiri Mofrad, A Quds Force operative, 34 years old,worked in Iraq...READ MORE

Khaled Al-Rubaye

Khaled Al-Rubaye, a Quds Force asset of Iraqi descent, was sentenced to 15 years in prison by Jordan's State Security Court in June 2016.Al-Rubaye was found guilty of possessing and transporting 44 kilograms of highly explosive materials, with the intent of plotting and carrying out terrorist acts...READ MORE

Abbas Ali Yeylaghi Ashrafi

A Quds Force Operative, worked in Pakistan and Iraq...READ MORE

Keyvan Nowferesti

Keyvan Nowferesti was involved in an attack carried out by Quds Force in Turkey in May 2011, in which eight Turks were injured...READ MORE

Gholam Hossein Zarei Afin

A Quds Force Operative...READ MORE

Behnam Shahariari - July 2016

Over the past year, Behnam Shahariari has acquired the status of having the most influence over the strategic and covert ties between the IRGC and Hezbollah. Shahariari is the dominant figure in directing the smuggling of Iranian strategic weapons into Lebanon via Syria...READ MORE

Seyed Ali Mahdian Sadr

Seyed Ali Mahdian Sadr, A senior official in Quds Force's operational array. He was an MOIS staffer in the past. He was involved in the New Delhi attack in February 2012....READ MORE

Ali Hassan Salami

Ali Hassan Salami is a veteran operative in Quds Force's Caucasus corps, which is also responsible for Turkish affairs, and has served in various positions. Salami was Quds Force representative in Turkey between 2011-2014, where he worked under diplomatic cover of an attache at Iran's embassy in Ankara. During this period, Salami was involved in directing terror activity in Turkey, including members of the Tawhid Salam organization...READ MORE

Mojtaba Ghanbarian

Mojtaba Ghanbarian (Parsa), Quds Force operative working vis-a-vis Africa and in charge of handling two Kenyans detained in November 2015 in Nairob...READ MORE

Mohammad Reza Abolghasemi

Mohammad Reza Abolghasemi is a senior operative who is involves in special Quds Force operational activity in various countries, including Syria, Iraq, and Jordan. Abolghasemi continues carrying out terror activity despite an international arrest warrant issued by Interpol against him for his involvement in an attack carried out by Quds Force in New Delhi, India, in February 2012...READ MORE

Azizollah Jamali

Azizollah Jamali, 51 years old, is a valued veteran Quds Force operative. Azizollah Jamali is involved in Quds Force operational activity abroad...READ MORE

Shahariari: New Details

In recent months, Behnam Shahariari has carried out a series of special missions for Quds Force. During the course of these missions, he has used the alias Mirvakili Seyed Ali Akbar in Turkey, Syria, Oman, Lebanon, and other countries, duping the authorities and border control. During his travels, Shahariai handles Quds Force facilitators, contacts, and intelligence sources in various countries. Most of his activity is devoted to transferring weapons to bodies and movements supported by Iran that strive to undermine the regimes in their countries...READ MORE

Behnam Shahariari

Shahariari is a senior official in Unit 190, the weapon smuggling unit of the Quds Force. Shahariari has been smuggling weopons for use in terror attacks and for strengthening the military capabilities of terror organizations for over 10 years. He is considered the Quds Forces' leading expert in these matters. It appears that, as part of his job, he is frequently away from Tehran for long periods of time...READ MORE

Ali Akbar Norouzi-Shayan

Ali Akbar Norouzi-Shayan is an operative in Quds Force's operations unit, who was involved in the attempted attack in Thailand on 14 February 2012...READ MORE

Ali Moghtaderi

Ali Moghtaderi is a field operative in Quds Force's Unit 400. He served in the Basij in the past...READ MORE

Mohsen Chizari

Mohsen Chizari is one of the commanders of Quds Force Syria corps, and heads its operation and training unit. Chizari previously operated in Iraq, and carried out joint activity with militias against U.S froces in the country...READ MORE

Ghafoor Kargari

Ghafoor Kargari is head of the Caucasus corps in Quds Force....READ MORE

Mohammad Reza Zahedi

Zahedi has been the commander of the Lebanon Corps since 2008. It is his second term as corps commander ...READ MORE

New details on Majid Alavi

As we reported in the past, Majid Alavi is a senior Unit 400 official for special operations in Quds Force who commanded a series of terror attacks by Quds Force in 2012...READ MORE

Esmail Qaani

Esmail Qaani is Deputy Commander of the Quds Force. He is involved as part of his job in all Quds Force activity and frequently engages in smuggling weapons... READ MORE

Scoop: Mohamad Reza Bigi

As part of his job, Bigi is involved in all quds force activity in the Caucasus states, from attacks in the region...READ MORE

Mohammad Reza Abolghasemi

bolghesemi is a senior Quds Force field operative who was behind the attack in New Delhi, India on 13 February 2012...READ MORE

Majid Alavi

Majid Alavi is a senior official in the Quds Force's Unit 400 for Special Operations...READ MORE

Ali Akbar Tabatabaei

Tabatabaei is commander of the Quds Force’s Africa Corps. As part of subject’s job, he is involved in and supervises all of Quds Force’s operational activity...READ MORE

Qassem Suleimani

Suleimani began his revolutionary career in 1976 when he participated in demonstrations against the Shah. Suleimani joined the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps ...READ MORE

Hamed Abdallahi

Commander of Special Operations Unit 400, which carries out terror attacks overseas...READ MORE